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In 1974 a young Steve Hood purchase this Chevy Nova fresh off the dealer’s lot.  Right off him and his buddies began modifying it and making it his own.  As you can see in the first three photos, Steve put in a lot of hours.  They did some body modifications, wheels and tires, and made some more power.  For about 5 or 6 years he daily drove it and took his now wife on many dates.  In 1980 the car went back under the knife but this time for some serious work!  The goal was to compete in the big car shows of time, some such as the Super Chevy Show.  The car did great and brought home plenty of trophies.  After a few years of local cars shows the car was parked in the garage and rarely driven.  Fast forward to just a couple years ago.  Steve picked up a Ford Focus ST and made his way to some local autocross events.  Sure enough he was hooked and made some small changes to the car that would improve the experience.  Steve drove the Focus and had fun with it and decided that he wanted another muscle car.  He set is sights on a new Mustang GT350 but got discouraged after a number of dealers wanted a large amount of money over sticker price.  He wife and kids were very supportive and told him that they would much rather see him get back into the Nova.  That was it and the decision was made.  Get the car out of the garage and get it back into shape.  After so many years this meant that most systems would have to be changed out to catch up with current technology and trend.

Steve reached out to us with his story and plan of attack.  Needless to say, we were on board right away!  The plan was simple, well, kind of.  The car was rock solid from being kept in the garage and well cared for all of those years.  We planned to replace all of the suspension with the full Ridetech catalog.  Rear 4 link system with HQ coil overs, front strong arms with HQ coil overs, and the front Muscle sway bar.  We would also replace the worn steering components with the True Turn package from Ridetech.  Wilwood would supply the brakes with a 13″, 6 piston front kit and a 12″, 4 piston rear kit.  Forgeline RB3C wheels in 18″ were also a must.  To fit the new wheels were are going to install a set of Detroit Speed mini tubs as well as their subframe connectors.  With all of these modifications it was a no-brainer to also ditch the old th350.  We sourced a 23k mile TR6060 6-speed transmission that would do the trick!  A clutch kit from McLeod would hold the power and their 22lb steel flywheel would allow the 535hp 383 small block to rev a little better.  Bowler Transmission offered a bolt in crossmember as well a new transmission tunnel.

If the performance modifications weren’t enough, Steve wanted to do some body modifications while we were at it.  The safety bumpers from 1974 had to go!  We purchased everything to convert the car over to 68-72 bumpers, grille, and tail panel.  The paint was done very well back in 1980.  The entire belly of the car had even been painted and pinstriped.  This time around Steve wanted something a little more understated.  White paint was picked for the exterior and a black textured coating for the bottom of the car.