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Daniel is an active duty military man with a passion for all things off-road.  He has owned a number of Jeeps and spent a lot of time building some fun rigs.  This year he developed a dream to go racing and came up with a solid plan to purchase a build that was already finished.  After selling his last Jeep he was able to purchase a rock bouncer and went straight to the woods.  During his first hour in the buggy it developed a transmission cooler leak and fluid started to spray on the right header!  Daniel had no idea a leak had developed until the car burst into flames.  Him and his buddies got the fire extinguished fairly quick but not without a serious amount of fire damage.  Daniel was already registered to race the new rig within a month and wouldn’t miss it!  He brought the car to us and we went right to work.  We had to remove every bit of wiring, fuel system plumbing, transmission cooler and lines, coil packs, injectors, etc etc.  We spent 5 long days thrashing and got Daniel up running and driving again.  He was able to get it to the tuner the next day for quick tune session then headed down south for his first race.  He was able to compete all weekend without an issue.  Huge thanks to Daniel for trusting us and congrats on pursuing a dream!