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January 4th I flew down to Orlando Florida to help our friend, Shawn Bassett (Attacking the Clock), get his 240z wired.  I spent 4 long days wiring the chassis, gauges, lighting, and powering up the PCM.  The week prior we shipped down our tools and a new Racepak Smartwire power distribution system.  We spent a lot of time planing the harness in such a way that it could be easily removed when the car needed to be serviced.  The harness we broken down into sub harnesses that could be unplugged and the main PDM and ECM left in the vehicle.  The dash harness can be left in the dash and unplugged to make the dash removal an easier process.  The front lighting sub harness is also removable in cases where the engine, radiator, or front tube assy needs to be removed.  We also spent about 8 hours drawing diagrams for each circuit in case he needs to diagnose an issue quickly.  The Racepak PDM kept the amount of +12v current down in the car by ground switching each circuit into the switch module.  The PDM sees the ground inputs and we programmed the system to output power however we wanted it.  We were able to set the fuse limit of each circuit and set conditions for those outputs to activate.  Shawn plans to race the car this year in the Global Time Attach series.  Keep an eye our for more on this carbon fiber, wide body monster!