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The Sulivan’s purchased their 67 Camaro last year and had a great time cruising around and attending some local car shows.  After a couple further trips on the interstate they decided that an automatic transmission would better suite them than the 4 speed manual that was in the car.  Their car is a beautifully restored one with a great running small block 350 under the hood.  After a meeting with them the decision was made to upgrade to a Chevrolet Performance 4L70E transmission.  This transmission would hold the power of the small block or an LS3 if they ever made that change… Wink wink.  It also came with a great 12 month unlimited mileage warranty.  Since the car had original gauges we installed a module that would read the pulses from the new vehicle speed sensor and spin the speedometer cable.  We also calibrated it to GPS speed after we got the car back on the road.  The new trans is computer controlled so we installed the throttle position sensor on the carburetor so that the TCU could calculate load.  Being computer controlled also allowed us to dial in the shift firmness, shift speed, full throttle shift rpm, etc etc.  We had a new driveshaft built and high speed balanced to finish up the install.  The Sulivan’s car is on the road now and able to keep on with modern cars on the interstate.  Update: The Sulivan’s are reporting an amazing 20mpg on the interstate after this transmission upgrade!