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Judd recently bought this buggy used with a few known issues.  It came with a rough running engine, a transmission that didn’t feel quite right, and some over heating problems.  Once we put a good set of fans on it and replaced a bad coolant temperature gauge we found that we had resolved the overheating problem.  However when we replaced the temp gauge we suspected that the oil pressure gauge was faulty as well due to a very low reading.  We installed a mechanical gauge on the engine and found that the engine actually did have low oil pressure.  It would idle at 10psi cold and not gain more than 15psi from a rev.  We installed a new oil pump to try and fix the issue but found no change in pressure.  With that we knew that the engine would have to come out to be fixed.  We decided to ship the short block to Texas Speed and have them rebuild it.  Once it was there they found the cam bearings burned up and one of the cam bearing journals in the block damaged beyond what made sense to repair financially.  They got us a new ’04+ iron 6.oL block and built it up with a new TSP crank, TSP rods, and Wiseco pistons.  With stock LS3 gaskets and a set of Texas Speed CNC Ported heads (68cc chambers) we got 12.4:1 compression.  We also purchased a custom grind cam measuring 242/256 .629/.615 111+2ºLSA.  Once the new short block was here we assembled the long block with new lifters, hardened pushrods, all new gaskets, rockers, ARP hardware, FAST Race Runner Intake manifold, and a Nick Williams 102mm throttle body.  While the engine was out Jedd also had Performance Torque Converters in Alabama build him a new TH400 and converter.  He opted for a reverse manual valve body, new case, SFI bell housing, and other goodies.  We are ready now to install the new engine and transmission along with a Holley EFI system, build a new set of headers, and have it dyno tuned.  Check back to see more on this radical rig!