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Sadly this build started like too many others we’ve seen.  Over promised and under delivery from another shop…  This truck was a father and son project that needed some help when it came to the drivetrain and suspension installation.  They took it to a shop who was supposed to have experience in bother areas and would get the truck on the road for them.  After 5 years at that shop and nothing done correctly they found it time to look for help elsewhere.  After seeing our shop truck at LS Fest they thought that we may be the right match for the help they were needing.  They brought the LSF1 five and a half hours and dropped it off with us.  Our job was to go back through everything and make sure this truck could actually drive down the road reliably and give them some enjoyment for years to come.  We ended up redoing some of the front suspension, mounting the body to the frame, a new engine harness and tune, full rewire, new exhaust, cooling system, fixing a couple issues with the fuel system, and putting all new glass and seals in.  After a couple months we and the Hardy’s are happy to say that the LSF1 is a fully functioning vehicle again.  We can’t wait to see their truck running around at LS Fest this year!