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This truck is another project that had been to a couple shops before it made it’s way here.  The original plan before it came to us was simple….  Blower, cam, converter.  Just another 150hp over stock and retain reliability.  Somehow that got all messed up and the truck couldn’t even drive down the road.  Chase brought the truck in and we came up with a new game plan… start over.  His stock engine only had 53k miles on it but the previous shop had pulled the stock pistons and replaced them and put a weird cam in it. That along with them changing out the trans and transfer case for stuff that we didn’t agree with all led to the full redo.  We ended up going with a Texas Speed 402cu in engine based off of an Aluminum LS2 block.  It’s 9.7:1 compression with Wiseco pistons, TSP rods and forged crank, 228/234, 600/600, 114LSA camshaft, PSC as-cast 225cc/68cc chamber heads with 2.06/1.6 valves, and arp everything.  The transmission is a Level 5 4L80E from RPM and a custom triple disc Circle D converter.  The engine harness was replaced, new transmission crossmember fabricated, new twin 340lph fuel pumps, -8 fuel lines with a Holley regulator, etc.  We re mounted the transmission cooler and plumbed it with new -6AN lines.  The intercooler piping and Procharger mounting brackets were all cleaned up and powder coated to clean up the engine bay.  A catch can system from Mighty Mouse was also plumbed and mounted.  The truck was tuned with a pulley that made 8psi of boost.  Through the 4L80, transfer case, and big tires it managed to make a very safe 482hp to the ground.  We are now installing new headlights, having the rear bumper cover repainted, debadging and removing all the chrome, and installing a new set of Forgeline VX-1 wheels.  Check back to see the massive transformation of this truck!