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A couple years ago we helped Jon build a 69 iron head chopper.  It was exactly what he wanted…  8 over girder front end, rigid frame, sissy bar, kick only, jockey shift, suicide clutch, no front brake, etc.   He rode it a couple times but never really got comfortable enough to ride it more.  He also had a soft tail that was his main rider at the time so naturally that was the easy one to hop on and head out.  Long story short, he ended up selling the chopper and kept the soft tail for a couple more years.  Last winter he got the itch to build another bike with the same ideas as last time.  No front brake, big sissy bar, king and queen seat, rise in the frame, 8 over front end, the works.  But this time around I had to try and keep him from himself so I took his soft tail and traded it for a 2014 Sportster with 500 miles on it.  Now there was no turning back.  He’s too big to ride a sporty and the soft tail is gone so we have to build something he can ride.  Being a newer bike it has electric start and fuel injection.  So no more kicking, flooding it, etc.  Just hop on and hit it.  I know its not the coolest, most traditional, hipster thing right now but if he really wants to ride it all the time this is what it has to be.  If he’s 3 states away and has an issue, he just hauls it to the Harley dealer.

To get him more comfortable and get the look he’s going for, we had Led Sled build a frame for us.  They positioned the neck 6″ up, 3″ out, and put it at 36º.  It also mounted the newer engine solid, has a single down tube, and will allow us to use their horse shoe oil bag.  The tank is an older Sportster tank that we welded a flange in for the EFI fuel pump assy.  We also cut off the old tabs and made new ones mounting the tank to the top of the back bone.  On the front end we are using Mullins super narrow trees and 39mm forks that are 8″ over.  The wheels are 21″ and 18″ and are wrapped in some Firestone tires.  The lower forks were also turned down to eliminate the front brake and fender mounting tabs.

We picked up a rear fender from Cooper Smithing Co and converted back to chain drive.

Right now the body work is done and the tins are getting painted.  All of the parts are sent out to be polished, chromed, or anodized.  Keep checking back as we finish up this vintage style chopper.