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Adam’s 1969 Firebird had been previously restored when it came to us.  However, it had the original drivetrain, brakes, suspension, steering, etc and he wanted to improve all those areas of the car.  The paint and body were okay too but wanted to get that stuff dialed in as well.  One of the first times we met with Adam he mentioned that during the first restoration he expected to be able to do a good burn out, do a donut, and hold his own if someone ever challenged him at a stop light.  When he got the car back the first time around he was left disappointed in it’s performance.  One of his colleagues even mentioned that his wife’s new accord could out run his Firebird… After enough disappointment and frustration he decided to redo the car.  We came up with a simple plan to give him the performance he wanted as well as the reliability of said colleagues new accord.  We pulled the old Pontiac 400/400 and 10 bolt rear end, the old cooling system, fuel system, brakes, wheels and tires, suspension.  It was time to replace everything and get it up to Adam’s standard.  We replaced the suspension with a kit that included high performance adjustable shock absorbers, progressive rate coil springs, composite lowering leaf springs, sway bars, tall ball joints and self-lubricating bushings.  We also replaced the old 10 bolt rear end with a narrowed 9″ Ford..  It came with the correct leaf spring brackets, a nodular iron center section loaded with an Eaton Truetrac and 3.70:1 gears, axles with extended 1/2 studs, and powder coating.  Im sure that will let Adam do some donuts and burnouts!  The brakes also needed to be improved on so we installed a Wildwood 12.88″ 6 piston kit up front and a 12.19″ 4 piston in the rear.  We also installed a C6 Corvette brake booster, master cylinder, proportioning valve, and ran all new lines.  As for the engine and transmission we went with something that has been proven for us and would have plenty of power.  We used a Chevrolet Performance 495hp LS3 mated to their 4L70E transmission.  The gauges are now modern electronic and receive all of the necessary information from the new GM engine computer.  With a new fuel injected engine you need a high pressure fuel system.  We installed a new powder coated fuel tank with an EFI fuel pump and a new level sending unit as well.  To finished off the mechanical stuff, the exhaust is comprised of a set of stainless long tube headers and a full stainless exhaust system.  Keep checking back and we wrap up the mechanical work on Adam’s 69 and send it off to get the body work taken care of!