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Holley’s LS Fest 2016 was a big hit. We love going to this event every year but this year was a little more special for us. This year we thrashed on our shop truck to get it there just in time to be a part of this event. Holley has been a big sponsor of our truck and it was at their booth and auto crossing at this event. Not only did we create a lot of memories this year but there is so much to enjoy at this event. Holley does a great job at creating something for everyone. We got to enjoy watching auto crossing, drag events, and drift events as well as talking to some knowledgeable vendors, and see some great builds. Its action packed and great family event. Our whole family got to enjoy it this year as well as all the guys at the shop. Before we left LS Fest which is held in Bowling Green Kentucky we checked out the Corvette Museum. It was a good weekend full of cars and family.