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This project started out with a well restored 1970 Charger RT in plumb crazy purple.  It was a period correct restoration but not a numbers matching car.  The original 440 / 4 speed were matching but were off by a few months and the original color of the car was originally blue.  The whole plan behind buying a restored car was to save money on body work, paint, interior, glass, trim, etc.  With the perfect car sourced we had to come up with a plan to turn it into the car that he wanted to drive.  Schwartz Performance in Woodstock Illinois has become known for their ability to put a full chassis under the stock floor of the Mopar cars.  We purchased their G Machine chassis as well as options for a Hellcat engine.  They provided us with a set of engine mounts, custom headers, and a modified Canton rear sump oil pan to install the Hellcat engine into the chassis.  The chassis came standard with a quick ratio rack and pinion, Ridetech coilovers, triangulated 4 link, splined sway bars front and rear, and some hardcore race parts like Howe balljoints and roller bearings instead of bushings in the control arms.  We also purchased a Hellcat crate engine, known as the Mopar Hellcrate!  This 707hp factory engine is mated to a T56 6-speed manual transmission sourced from Bowler Performance Transmission.  They also sent us the correct bell housing, hydraulics, billet reservoir, shifter, and knob.  The bottom of the car will be modified to fit the chassis then body worked and painted.  The engine bay will also get some smoothing since we will be deleting the factory shock tower and making some modifications to the firewall.  This car never had A/C so we will be installing a modern HVAC system from Restomod Air.  Terry wants to retain the factory look without going too far off to the protouring end of the spectrum.  With that in mind we wanted to make this car stop and handle like it should so we want to run an 18″ wheel and tire.  Forgeline / Roadster Shop OE1 wheels powder coated purple with the factory center caps will give us the function and form that we are looking for.  We will also update the wiper motor, brake booster and master, wiring, lighting, interior, stereo, steering column, etc etc etc.