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May we introduce to you, “Back in Black”, a 1992 Z28 25th anniversary Camaro. We excited to be a part of this project.  This will be a restoration of the body and chassis with a slew of modifications along the way. Our customer bought this locally and had started working on it himself.  After a good amount of maintenance work he noticed some rust in the floor pans and inner rocker panels.  He decided to bring the car by and let us inspect the car and determine what needed to be done to make the car safe.  Together we decided that there was just too much rust littered throughout the car for it to stay together.  The decision was made to pull the car apart, have it blasted, and replaced all of the infected portions of metal.  With any Camaro holding the title of Z28 and being an anniversary edition car, there lays a certain responsibility.  With that we will bring this Camaro up to modern performance standard with a Chevrolet Performance 495hp LS3 engine mated to a Bowler Performance T56 Magnum 6 speed transmission.  Holley Performance will be supplying all of their new third gen parts to get the engine and transmission into the car.  We will be using their Hooker engine and transmission mounts as well as their Blackheart stainless headers and exhaust.  Please check back as we continue to update along the way.